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Gogreen Energy is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) based in Nairobi. Our team is made up of enthusiastic engineers with vast experience in the energy sector. The individuals in the team have conducted over 30 energy audits and consultancy services as well as energy efficiency projects in various facilities including commercial buildings, industrial/manufacturing firms, and institutional facilities.
While working for our clients, our main focus is to identify and implement sustainable cost-effective energy projects that deliver significant energy savings. We are always committed to building long term relationships with our clients to provide exceptional after sales and customer service.


 Maji Mazuri Flowers Ltd
UNON Complex 
 General Plastics Limited Factory
 Kivuli Trust
 University of Embu
 Mount Elgon Orchards


What is renewable energy and how is it generated?

Renewable energy refers to energy that is generated from a power source that can be replenished, such as sunlight, wind, water and biomass instead of fossil fuels like coal or oil. Fossil fuels come from carbon-based organic materials and form over millions of years. Renewable sources on the other hand, get replenished by nature and are not carbon-based, which means they do not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and are safer for the environment.

Who can use solar energy?

Not everyone has the proper roof or resources to accommodate solar panels. However, community solar is an option that is becoming increasingly available nationwide and doesn’t demand the same long-term commitment, upfront cost, or construction as rooftop solar. With community solar, electricity is shared by more than one household, and you can subscribe to a project available in your area even if you rent and live in an apartment.

How can renewable energy help climate change?

Since renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, emit close to no greenhouse gases, they can actually help reverse the effects of climate change. Climate change is caused by global warming, or when excess greenhouse gas molecules in the atmosphere absorb heat and radiate it back towards earth’s surface. If we adopt renewable energy, we produce fewer greenhouse gasses and, thus, we reduce the negative effects of global warming, including rising sea levels and disruption of natural climate patterns.

Does renewable energy cause pollution?

Though all energy sources impact the environment to an extent, renewable energy produces close to no pollution and far less than fossil fuel energy. Let’s focus on wind power. Wind turbines produce no greenhouse gas emissions while they’re operating, but give off very small amounts during their production, transportation, and construction on-site. It is estimated that wind turbines generate between 0.02-0.04lbs of carbon dioxide equivalent per kWh during their life-cycle, whereas coal-generated electricity produces 1.4-3.6lbs. That’s up to 90x more pollution!

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